Micro Pigs for Sale

Welcome to PintSizePigs

We are a long established and specialist UK breeder of pet micro pigs.  We are situated in Crickhowell a small town which lies on the border of Mid and South Wales, nestled in amongst the Brecon Beacons National Park.

We take great pride and satisfaction in what we do, producing happy and healthy little pigs, all bred with the sole intention of living out their days as someones much loved pet!  We are breeding some of the very smallest pigs in the UK and it is why we confidently provide a sales contract bounding us to size for all our customers peace of mind.

What are micro pigs?

Micro pigs are are ultimately miniature pigs that have been developed through selective breeding to create a pig that is smaller than those produced for commercial pig keeping.  They go by many names Pint Sized, Tea Cup, Pygmy, Micro Mini all names used to describe and publicise these types of pigs.

How big do micro pigs grow?

Sizes will vary from breeder to breeder and this is due to the different mixture of breeds in their breeding line, and the different generations they are producing from.  Ours grow no taller than knee height and some are smaller (see adult images).  Overfeeding your pig will impact greatly on the growth rate of your pig it’s weight and eventual size.


Pigs like all pets require a great deal of time and commitment, they have a lifespan of between 10 & 15 years, so we just ask that you take some time to consider all the information before deciding if a micro pig for sale is the right choice of pet for you.

Once your satisfied with all the information contained on the website and you would like to register your interest in Micro Pigs for Sale, why not give us a quick call on 07506 054 594 or alternatively drop us a message via the contact us page.