Pigs for sale

Litter Announcements

All litter announcements will be made via our social and multi media pages; these being Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube; so be sure to click on the links below and start following us.  This will allow you to hear first hand about our news, pictures and videos as soon as we have it.

Delivery Service

Our delivery service extends to the whole of the United Kingdom.  Please let us know when enquiring if this is something you would be interested in.

Piglets sold by PintSizePigs

  • Prices start at £550
  • We provide a sales contract bounding us to size
  • Come castrated/neutuered unless purchasing breeding stock
  • Are inoculated with Panomec for the preventative treatment of internal & external parasites, worms etc
  • An information sheet detailing everything you will need to know to help you care for your micro pig
  • A start up bag of food
  • All the help and advice you will need going forward


  • CPH Number (see Pet Pig Care for details of this)
  • Access to suitable outside space & housing
  • Realistic expectations of keeping a pig as a pet
  • Commitment to providing the best possible forever home
  • Understanding of size